Maryland Personal Injury Lawyer

The world is a place full of dangers. You walk or drive about your life with little in the way of protection against these hazards. If you should become a victim of circumstance through car crashes or the negligent actions of others, your needs demand a warrior to fight for you in Maryland civil court.

That warrior is the LawChampion, attorney Mitchell A. Greenberg. He lives by the ideals of the warrior in his professional life as a lawyer and his personal life as a national stick-fighting champion. He gives no mercy to his opponents and will wage a war on your behalf to get you the results you deserve.

Negligence Is No Accident!

The struggles that you face are not some mystical trick of fate. There is a party responsible for your pain. It is the duty of the Justice’s Gladiator, Mitchell Greenberg, to hold accountable the people who through their negligence caused your suffering in such instances as:

  • Motor vehicle crashes: car wrecks, truck crashes, motorcycle collisions
  • Premises liability: injuries caused by unsafe conditions on another’s property.
  • Products liability: suffering that comes from the use of tools and products negligently built

Any sort of pain you suffer that has its basis in the actions of someone else can be the object of a personal injury claim.

The LawChampion will ride for you. His glorious battle for your compensation will be as a spectacle to behold. His tactics are legendary! His motives are pure! Your needs will be met because he fights with you as your advocate and by your priorities.

A Free Consultation… For Righteous Victory

The Law Offices Of Mitchell A. Greenberg has a great deal of confidence in personal injury cases. The success of the LawChampion comes from his strength in court and his honest, hardworking dedication to clients’ outcomes. From his office in Glen Burnie, he will fight for you. Call him today at (443)672-2467 or use this online form.

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With an unsatiated thirst for justice, the LawChampion approaches his cases with the aggressive posture of an ancient gladiator preparing for battle. From day one, we will attack your case with the time, preparation, and assertiveness that it deserves.