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A Lawyer. A Gladiator. A Stick-Fighter. A Champion

A Champion For The Law

In a world where you must fight to get what you deserve, you deserve a warrior who will never give up. Upon his powerful motorcycle steed of justice, Mitchell A. Greenberg, the LawChampion, rides on your behalf! In the courtroom, he gives no quarter. In negotiations, he allows no retreat. You shall know justice. Your opponents shall know defeat!

An Unquenchable Thirst For Justice!

If you are facing legal challenges, your choice is clear. Tales have been sung of the deeds of justice’s noble gladiator in:

  • Defending those unjustly accused of crime
  • Championing the rights of injured workers
  • Serving the cause of righteousness in personal injury
  • Battling for those suffering from medical malpractice

His office is adorned with the keepsakes of many a crusade for worthy causes. Let him do battle with your legal problems.

An Attorney Forged by
Hard-Won Experience

Since the year of 1991, Mitchell A. Greenberg has championed the causes of clients in Maryland. He is a man of the people, and learns your problems so that, as a team, you and he will be the last ones standing on the battlefield.

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Make no mistake, The Law Office Of Mitchell A. Greenberg has a unique style. Mitchell A. Greenberg is not only a legal warrior, but has competed in martial arts throughout his life. In 2018, he competed at the national championships for the World Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation (Filipino stick-fighting) and won four gold medals, one silver and one bronze. There he secured the honor to compete against the best in the world at the world championships in Hawaii and, despite serious elbow and shoulder injuries, won a gold medal and the world championship.

The LawChampion has earned by right of strength and justice the success for his clients. Contact him today to get a free consultation at his Glen Burnie office by calling (443)672-2467.

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With an unsatiated thirst for justice, the LawChampion approaches his cases with the aggressive posture of an ancient gladiator preparing for battle. From day one, we will attack your case with the time, preparation, and assertiveness that it deserves.